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A holistic way to improving your health.

We provide high quality treatments of Sports Therapy and Complementary Therapies in Edinburgh and around Scotland
Let me show you what's the differences between Sports therapy & Complementary Therapies:

Sports Therapy is a branch of healthcare that is specifically concerned with rehabilitation of the patients and prevention of injury. The sport therapist use a combination of different approaches to enhance the healing process and prevention of injury which will include: physical assessment, manual manipulation of the soft tissues (sport massage, STR etc.), and exercises prescription to empower musculoskeletal strengthening.

Complementary therapies works alongside the healthcare or as alternative treatments to help you feel better or cope better with your condition and its associated symptoms. Complementary therapist use combination of different therapies (massage, body scrubs/hydration, aromatherapy, etc) to enhance relaxation, treat or curing conditions (fibromyalgia , skin disorders, etc.).

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OMH Therapies

1A Randolph Crescent (Basement Level), Edinburgh EH3 7TH

New Town Therapy

5 Dundonald Street, Edinburgh EH3 6RX

Health for life Spinal Wellness Centre 

56 Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5DP

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