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Sports therapy

Sport Massage Therapy                                    30/50 min  25/40£

Sport massage is strictly functional/medical manipulation of the soft tissues (including assessment/nutrition/lifestyle review). It combine different type of techniques (myofascial, neuromuscolar, Trigger Point Therapy, Soft Tissue Release, Mobilisation, etc.) to resolve musculoskeletal problems/complains. The pressure apply depends on the type of soft tissue, but together with the therapist we will work on the level of pain management, the patient in this case should not take painkiller before the visit and eat at least 2 hours before the appointment.


Acupuncture/Dry-Needling                               20/30 min  30/40£

Acupuncture/Dry-needling treatment combine Western & Eastern Medicine. It involves the insertion of stainless needles into the soft tissues for 20/25 min. 
The insertions of needles in certain points permit the interaction/stimulation of the nervous system and soft tissues, which make it the perfect solution to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.

To be eligible the client/patient will need to book an appointment of sport massage first to assess the whole body soft tissues. 


Complementary Therapies



Rates may vary from the different types of therapy and clinic selection, please click the button below to get more information.

Swedish Massage                                 30/50/80 min    25/40/65£

Swedish massage it's the relaxing massage for definition. The pressure will discuss on the start, this is a greater solutions for rid off of general tension/stiffness and improve relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage                         30/50/80 min    25/40/65£

This is one of the most popular massage in the globe, it less intense and focused of a sport massage but similar benefit, it promote general health by treating in deep the soft tissues (muscles/tendons/ligaments etc.) and maintaining the fluency of a nice Swedish massage promoting in this way relaxation. 
The pressure applied will be check with the therapist on the start of the treatment.


Traditional Indian Head Massage                  20/30 min   20/30£

The traditional Indian head massage is performed on a chair starting from the upper back and working all over the neck muscle scalp and facial muscle with intense/fast strokes, and tapotement. Ideal solution for who suffer of disturbs of sleep, neck pain, migraines/headaches, face swelling/skin disorders


Body Scrub & Rehydration Massage            55/85 min 70/100£

This is the perfect treatment to exfoliate dry skin and other impurities, plus rejuvenating. The scrub is essentially compose of salt flakes, carrier oil and essences, all natural based. Choices available to suit eventual allergies requirement.
Hot towel will be used to remove the scrub and a natural cream lotion will be applied to refresh and moist the body. No shower required after treatment.


Facial Rejuvenate Massage Treatment           20/30 min  30/40£

This is my signature treatment of one of the most popular massage that you can find in a beauty salon all around the world. It is combining relaxing/deep strokes and skin care using natural lotions/creams with acupressure point to give an extraordinary experience of relaxation and pain relief from sinuses/headache. The areas treated are Face/Scalp/Neck/Upper shoulders


Hot Stones Massage                                         55/85 min 70/100£

This is my way of the most popular massage in every Wellness Centre using hot basalt stones.
The client start lie on the bed face down, and the therapist will be positioning 3 stones along the spine and start the massage with the back of legs, followed by back/neck/shoulders/back of arm. After the client will be asked to turn face up, positioning of 3 stones along the chest and completing the massage starting from feet/front of legs, followed by chest/front of arms/hands; on request will be added the abdomen.
This is a deep tissue treatment.

Pregnancy/Post Natal Massage                      30/55 min  30/50£

This massage is tailored to release muscle pain/tension during pregnancy (after the first trimester) and post natal.
The pressure will be discussed with the therapist, it's recommended deep tissue pressure.

Corporates/Event/Demonstration Massage

Acupressure/Chair Massage         10/15 min per person 15/20£

Ideal solution for corporate/parties/demonstration wellness event.

The therapist will use a massage chair to perform a medical massage approach, starting from the shoulders and working all over the neck muscles and scalp with intense/fast strokes and final adjustment of the cervical vertebrae to check the ROM. 

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